User Experience Design is a design and development activity based on the effective interaction between touch points (mobile application, web portal, etc.) and users for a company that decides to undertake a path of digitalization and innovation.
This activity is essential because it improves the performance of professional apps, but also increases the brand authority of the trademark.
UX Design or User Experience Design is a process by which we can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving usability and content focused on the user needs and what they feel in relating to a site thanks to the UI design.
These types of websites are aim at those who have a website that provides services or products and includes any type of interaction with a customer or gives customers online services or facilities.



uI design (an acronym for User Interface design) is a subset of UX design. The UI designer concerns the visual and interactive part of a website, so it plays an important role because it presents itself to the user in the form of an interface that must fully reflect the brand it represents. For example, by transmitting trust and guiding the user within the pages with extreme clarity and precision. The advantages, as you can imagine, are many:

  • Prototype interfaces and user interaction
  • Intercepting the needs of users
  • Achieve business goals



The ability to excite and amaze at the same time with intuitiveness and interaction

  • Attractive and well-built UI design
  • Improvement in a user experience over time.
  • Have a well-constructed information architecture
  • Increase user satisfaction
  • Have a safe interaction between the company and the end-user
  • Convey the values ​​of the brand
  • Transfer the corporate vision


‘Racetech solutions’ UX Designers have the task of creating digital products that can easily meet the needs of those who use them whether they are employees of company or potential new clients. That is why every ‘Racetech solutions’ project starts with Design Thinking.
The purpose of ‘Racetech solutions’, in the context of User Experience Design, consists in developing, even before a user-friendly interface, a “good user experience” for the user.
All the elements that make the user experience pleasant and performing are part of this concept: speed of use, communicative approach it is suitable to the user’s reality, customization, simplicity of use.