What is Paas?

PaaS is the most complex and compelling segment of cloud services. It occupies a special position between IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and SaaS (software as a service). The very explanation of what PaaS is and how such services work is not a trivial task.

The principles of IaaS and SaaS are generally simple. IaaS are processors, RAM, data storage, not physical, but virtual, created in the data centre of a cloud service provider.

PaaS services work slightly differently and are more complex. As part of the PaaS model, the vendor provides access to a cloud environment in which you can build, test, scale, and update your applications. At the same time, the user of PaaS services gets ready-made all the tools that are needed, for development - the operating system, middleware, databases, and much more.

Before the emergence of such services, IT teams had to independently select, procure, configure, integrate, and maintain a range of products. It is a long, difficult, and expensive job. Only after its completion, developers can start directly creating applications.

Almost everything you need can now be found on one platform. The only thing left for specialists to do is write the code and test the new application.


Advantages of PaaS Technology

  • Cost Effective-saves on the cost of hardware
  • Time Savings: No need to maintain the core stack.
  • Creation of apps at speed.
  • Future-Proof